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Bearing Manufacturers

C.R. S.R.L expand their company group in Spain with the creation of C.E.R., Centro Europeo Ricambi: a family of related companies in constant development. Technologically based and aimed at the final customer, both handler and constructor.

Bearing developing and manufacturing is only a part of our job; there is an equally important part, the analysis of the application, this is, understanding and appreciating the customer´s problems, unsolved by the conventional product,

and being able to make them an optimal solution, about construction, quality of materials, lubrication methods, work atmosphere, etc...

There are always several solutions for every application, our job is finding the best of them.

That is why C.E.R. CENTRO EUROPEO RICAMBI S.L. was born in 1992, created to meet the current needs of every industry sector.

The CR Group is specialized in manufacturing radial bearings and axial cylindrical bearings.

Thanks to its technological level and production capacity, the CR Group is able to manufacture special bearings by request.

For these reasons the CR Group is the best choice for the handler or constructor, who cannot find a solution to his technical problems with the standard product available in the market.

That is why our technical department always is at disposal of our customers to study your problem with you.

The manufacturing range includes bearings with a 20mm minimum inside, at a 1000 mm maximum outside diameter. Always manufactured on a high quality Steel and using the latest control technological procedures. That is why we present our products with a quality certificate.

Before the CR product, is the combined bearing (radial+axial), designed for the mounting of elevating wheelbarrows and for other systems of transport and manipulation of heavy loads, where they used outlines and a guided radial and axial with one bearing with axle incorporated. This kind of bearing is serially produced, with permanent stocks, and a quick delivery service.

As years passed, the CR Group has achieved a broad experience in the siderurgical sector and specifically in the machinery manufacturers sector for undulated carton.

For the new century, our Company Group will go on researching and designing new technologies to solve out the industry current and future needs.

C.E.R. Centro Europeo Ricambi, S.L. - Poligono Industrial Can Singla. - C/ Can Singla s/n  - E-08640 Olesa de Montserrat  - Barcelona  - España - Tel. +34 937 785 142  - Fax. +34 937 785 966